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Unfortunately due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we are Out of Stock of all Balms. Please feel free to browse our range of CBD Oils by clicking here, which are in stock and are ready to dispatch.

With small amounts of CBD, our Balms contain lower concentrated amounts of CBD. You can browse well-loved brands like Love Hemp and George Botanicals for the perfect balm for you.

Balm Usage

Small enough to fit in a bag or on your shelf, our CBD Balms should be applied topically. This means that you will need to massage the mixture on to the skin for a recommended 5-10 minutes for optimum absorption. We advise using the balm twice a day and onto the desired area only.

Comprised of wax (typically beeswax), oil (commonly coconut) and CBD, it is best used for localised areas.

Be sure to wash the area with water and soap to remove any surface oil build up so you can guarantee there will not be a barrier between the skin and the salve.

Why Should You Use A Balm?

Those who are considering using CBD may not consider a balm. However, it is worth noting that taking them this way will allow the CBD to be absorbed directly into the skin. You will be able to control where the CBD is directly going. Also, this will not be a year-round usage of CBD but just as-and-when you need it.

The only precaution you will need to take is reducing the amount for little ones and older people as they have thinner skin – so less is required.

We advise that you seek professional advice from a qualified GP before taking any CBD supplements – especially if you are on a medication, pregnant or breast feeding or have any general concern in regards to your health.

How Safe IS CBD?

CBD is an all-natural chemical that is derived from Hemp. As a non-psychoactive substance, containing zero to little THC, CBD can never get you high. This makes it 100% legal in the U.K, and many other countries, to buy, sell and use.

Rest assured that adults can tolerate a wide range of doses, cannot overdose on CBD and that our bodies can handle a lot more than we’d ever need.

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