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Isolates & Terpenes

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Supplementary to your existing CBD products, you can use Isolates and Terpenes to create your own substances. CBD Isolate, obviously containing CBD, come in the form of crystals and Terpenes are the aromatic chemical in plants that can be combined with CBD either as a liquid or crystal.

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Isolate and Terpenes Consumption

Both used as aids for other products, Isolates and Terpenes are not to be taken individually or directly – but mixed with another CBD product.

When CBD is isolated into crystals, it forms Isolates. Therefore, it is 99% CBD and extremely high in concentration. Tasteless and odourless, Isolates can be put into food, added to your own non-CBD vape liquids or be used to enhance your products.

Terpenes are the chemicals present in Cannabis plants which gives them their distinct scent. Coming in a liquid form, they again can be used to enhance existing CBD Oils or Vape Liquids. As they are strong, Terpenes should be administered in small amounts. We would advise adding 1-5% liquid terpene to a CBD Oil or Vape Liquid and never exceeding 5% addition which would roughly equate to adding 1 drop terpene per 1ml of oil or liquid.

Why Should You Use Isolates and Terpenes?

Despite not being well-known CBD products, Isolates and Terpenes are a great way to strengthen or create your own CBD concoctions.

To boost the potency of your existing CBD supplements, dissolve the Isolate crystals into them. You could also mix them into a carrier oil, like coconut or olive oil, and apply as a balm. One of the most popular ways of consuming Isolates is to vaporise them. This enters the bloodstream straight away and also cost effective as only a small amount of product is needed.

As Terpenes are incredibly strong and high in concentration, it is vital that you take precaution when using them. Like Isolates, you can mix it in with existing supplements to improve the taste. A suggested way to use Terpenes is when cooking.

Here at Vital Herb, we care about your health. You should always seek professional advice from a qualified GP before taking any CBD supplements. This is especially important if you are on medication, pregnant or breast feeding or have any general concern in regards to your health.

What Is Hemp?

One of the oldest domesticated crops known to man, Hemp refers to the non-psychoactive varieties of the Cannabis sativa family. Attractive to farmers, Hemp detoxifies soil, provides natural nutrients and requires absolutely no pesticides to grow.

Often confused with its discriminated cousin Marijuana, Hemp will never give a taker the sensation of a ‘high’. Thus, it is legal in the U.K. and widely amongst the rest of the world. Instead, Hemp can create resources such as paper, clothing, biofuel and more.

We are most concerned with the extraction of the cannabinoid CBD and its many usages. Formed into Oils, Isolates, Edibles and more, CBD has been a big player in the supplements industry.

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